Men Are More than Twice as Likely


Men are more than twice as likely as women to abuse substances.



Men are far less risk-averse than women.
Asking for Help


Women ask for help sooner than men.

Marc Maron

“Asking for help is really the beginning of any sort of recovery process.”

Substance Abuse

Men are more than twice as likely to abuse substances (alcohol and drugs) than women and be hospitalised for it. What we would like to highlight is why men abuse substances. At about the age of 16, males become far less risk-averse. Men struggle to channel their emotions. Thus, the door opens to coping mechanisms.
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Access to effective care is the first step towards recovery, and medication-assisted treatment has proven to be the gold standard for helping achieve success. With a focus on interventions that address both mental health and substance abuse, we can better address the complex nature of substance abuse among men and reduce the risk of overdose.
Global Drugs Survey

The Global Drugs Survey tells us: “The higher rates of drug use we see among men compound a gender disadvantage we have from birth. We get into accidents more regularly, we have more unhealthy lifestyles, we die earlier, and we have less insight into our health and wellbeing. We’re generally predisposed to engage in a whole bunch of risky behaviours while being physiologically less equipped to deal with them.”

Asking For Help

One of the differences often highlighted between men and women is asking for help — a common theme in male health. On average, women tend to speak about problems sooner than men do. Culturally, in Scotland, men still find it more challenging than women to admit difficulties, particularly concerning mental health.

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