Balanitis Foreskin Becomes Irritated and Inflamed


The head of the Penis or foreskin becomes irritated and inflamed. Causing discomfort and pain.

Phimosis Penis Can’t Pull Back the Foreskin


Can’t pull back the foreskin to reveal the head of the Penis — a widespread problem.
Paraphimosis Penis Can’t Pull the Foreskin Forward


You can’t pull the foreskin back over the Penis head to cover it — a medical emergency.

Richard Dawkins

“If circumcision has any justification AT ALL, it should be medical only.”

Male Skin Disease

While there are many skin diseases of the male genitals, just a few affect a person with a Penis alone.


Balanitis occurs when the head of the Penis or foreskin becomes irritated and inflamed. Rare in Circumcised men. It is not Cancer. Penile Cancer is different. However, as there is symptom overlap, it is essential to consult a GP. In men who are circumcised, Balanitis symptoms can occur from adhesions around the Circumcision scar. Conservative treatment is the same, but sometimes it is necessary to release the adhesions — a minor procedure in the clinic. Treatment is generally improved hygiene and use of antibiotic, antifungal and steroid creams. If conservative measures fail, Circumcision is usually curative. Balanitis can lead to a condition such as Phimosis or develop as part of that disease.


Parents guiding a child with a Penis through puberty should check the foreskin of their child is working as it should, teach good hygiene of the area and make them aware of their foreskin.

Balanitis Symptoms
  • a feeling of a tight foreskin (difficulty retracting)
  • an inflamed (red and sore) foreskin
  • in circumcised men, the scar may feel tighter than normal
  • pain/itching around the Penis
  • smell/discharge from the Penis head


Phimosis is when a person with a Penis can’t pull back the foreskin from the Penis head. Treatment is Circumcision. Some men may choose to leave it alone, following a wait-and-see approach. However, it may make penetrative sex uncomfortable. The risk of Balanitis and fusion of the foreskin to the glands increases if left untreated. Treatment is Circumcision, which is curative. Mild cases can improve with steroid creams. A circumcised man cannot have Phimosis.


Paraphimosis is when a person with a Penis can’t pull the foreskin forward, that is to say, back over the Penis head to cover it. When the foreskin becomes trapped behind the glands, it can cause the foreskin to swell, cutting off blood flow, which is a medical emergency. If it has been a struggle to get the foreskin back over the head of the Penis, or it is trapped, it is crucial to see a GP immediately. Treatment is as Phimosis/Balanitis, which is generally why this occurs. A circumcised man cannot have Paraphimosis.


While we understand Circumcision at birth, without medical cause, can protect against disease, we feel the risk does not outweigh the benefit. However, Circumcision, once an infection has begun, is more complicated. Circumcised men who have experienced problems with their foreskin may understandably wish it for their sons. But we would ask them to think about it carefully and perhaps teach good hygiene first. Circumcision for medical reasons must always be performed and is a life-saving operation. Circumcision is one of the oldest operations in history, and when done correctly, it is safe and does not harm the function of the Penis.
Check it!
Hygiene matters. Daily in the shower, gently pull back the foreskin and clean the Penis with a mild soap. Properly drying the genitals before dressing and, if needed, powdering are good habits.



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