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Many conditions can create skin issues on and around the Penis. Due to the similarity, however, it’s prudent to see a GP if this occurs.

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Phimosis is a condition in its own right and requires treatment. Mostly it is not Cancer. However, it can be an early sign of Penile Cancer.
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A GP should see any lumps, bumps, changes in skin colour or new blemishes. Unlike most Cancers, a GP can carry out a visual examination.
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Penile Cancer

Regarded as rare but completes the triumvirate of Male Cancers. There is not a great deal known apart from a proposed link to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Check it!
A GP consultation is required if the Penis changes skin colour and shows persistent growths or sores on the glands (or the foreskin).
There are some vital signs to look for on the Penis:

  • growths, bleeding or sores that are not healing
  • foul-smelling discharge
  • difficulty drawing the foreskin back (phimosis)
  • change in the penis skin – colour, rash, thickness
There is overlap with benign conditions, but it is always worth checking and getting non Cancerous conditions treated.

We are the only charity in Scotland actively raising awareness of Penile Cancer, it may be rare, but the loss of a man’s Penis is devastating.

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