Our Mission

Dinesh Paliwal

“Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.”


Male Health Scotland began after individuals affected by Male Health decided to champion awareness. While the support was there from the NHS, the average man was very reticent about approaching their GP. We felt this was complicating matters in their treatment. Male Health Scotland wanted to create a platform of awareness and engagement that supported men on a journey to their GP without embarrassment.

When we understand the male tendency of showing no fear, we can understand how to engage. Examples of men discussing Male Health issues in public without fear is the simple key. As a result, coming forward to a GP is not fear.

“The need to reinforce our agenda is ongoing."


Public engagement. Not from behind desks. We go into communities, and in public, speak person-to-person. We hand out brochures while discussing the topics in public, without fear or prejudice, allowing individuals to raise their concerns and be supported.

The very nature of taking this to a virtual world alone forces it behind closed doors, the exact opposite of our mission. However, we are committed to developing communications in various formats, but we will always lead with face-to-face engagement.

“A better-informed supported man is a healthier man.”

Male Health Conditions?

These conditions affect only men, which inevitably leads to the most acute being: Prostate and Testicular Cancer.

Male Health can also be an umbrella, can be defined as supporting a man’s health as a whole. However, the Cancers that affect men are amongst the most prevalent issues facing men only. So they take our most significant focus.

We encourage men to think of the big picture by living a healthy lifestyle, to avoid but focus on male-only issues.

“Male Health Scotland seeks to improve the health of all men in Scotland.”


Women have men in their lives. We support female health charities; we do the same thing from the opposite side of the equation. We help complete the circle.

“We find women are the greatest advocates for the health of men in their lives.”


Our main objectives are:

  • awareness
  • presentations
  • literature
  • social media
  • campaigns
  • funding
  • events
  • grants
  • donations
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People are everything. We make it all happen. People inspire us, sharing knowledge can change our direction. There is always someone out there who can help us overcome challenges. We are here to do this for Male Health in Scotland. When we meet new people, we can talk about our challenges because they don’t know about our past; there’s no pre-judgement. The magic of face-to-face meetings, when we raise awareness, is without knowing someone, we have no prejudices, we connect without baggage. The value created from our work is emotional and economic gain because men treated early have better outcomes.

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Literature serves as a gateway to learning from the past, expanding our knowledge and understanding of the world. A conversation can expire, and it can’t be a reference. The literature we produce, for men, acts as a memory of a discussion with us or can be a path to a conversation yet to come. Our literature in someone’s hand can be the inspiration to start a conversation towards seeing a GP.
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Connect with us without meeting us or ever having received a brochure. Information can flow without a meeting using social media. Sometimes people want to inspire themselves from their homes. We get that. There are many parts to a puzzle; one size does not fit all, for all those who cannot meet us we have malehealth.scot.

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There is always someone walking the path, and many are yet to come. We want men to know about that path. An issue men generally share is: “I’ll go tomorrow”. Let’s get men forward today, lessen the impact on them and front-line services, and get a positive outcome. We can create significant improvements through behaviour by changing attitudes.
What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

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