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“Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it.”

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Is your site accessible?

Yes, we strive to do this. Where design would compromise accessibility, we choose accessibility. You'll notice this in the design. You can zoom in and out, and the site will never break. You can use almost any screen, and it will not fail. For visually impaired people, the site responds, boosting contrast when asked to do so. The site has all images (and video) described for text to speech output. Likewise, sections incrementally can be tabbed through or arrow keys used to scroll. Everyone in Scotland matters.

Why is all the text so short on your site?

We are concise on purpose. We are not a Wikipedia or NHS clone. We maximise the speed and ease the consumption of new topics by breaking them down into snippets and graphics.

Why don’t you give individual treatment advice?

The goal for us is men in treatment, not to offer treatment. We caution reading online about treatments as we believe the best advice is from a specialist here in Scotland.

Do you pay Staff?

No, we do not. We are voluntary only; you can volunteer by going to our Volunteering page.

How do I make a complaint?

We have a Complaints Page.

How do I volunteer with you?

See our Volunteering Page.

Where is your Facebook support group?

Personal medical information discussed in a public forum is not consistent with our particular goals. We are a Charity, not a Facebook support group. We are building an online support forum for Scotland here on our site, so please check back.

Do you have a policy on safeguarding, etc.?

Yes, Policy is essential, so we publish our Policies to show we consider and weigh issues carefully. Protecting the vulnerable while allowing full inclusion is a vital aspect of our work.

Are you available for media inquiries?

Yes, please Contact us. The media is an excellent champion of our work; we will do all we can to help.

What Grants are available?

See our Grants Page.

Can I view your accounts and annual report?

Of course, see our Annual Report Page.

Can I speak with you?

Yes, Contact us and let us know what you would like to discuss.

Can I use your content in my project?

Unfortunately not. While we develop our resources, we have licensed areas. Why not link to us or Volunteer with us?

Why did you design a site that I can’t print easily?

Our site is a screen resource so that many people can share it freely. But you will notice at the bottom of crucial pages a PDF download is available, and if you go to our Awareness page, you can request these free of charge.

Do you take positions?

No, we do not. Your political view, religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, et al. does not change Scotland as our home or your risk, or family members risk, of Male Health concerns. We are here for every Scottish man and family tested by Male Health.

What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

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