Erectile Dysfunction the Penis Can’t Become Erect


The Penis can’t become erect. Stress and anxiety are common triggers.
Premature Ejaculation the Penis Releases Semen Earlier than Desired


The Penis releases semen earlier than desired. It can cause relationship problems.
Peyronie’s Disease the Penis Bends or Curves Unusually


The Penis bends or curves unusually. Peyronie’s can result from an injury during sex.

Kelly Dawn, Rockie Dale

“The thing is, ED is a real dick! Whenever ED enters someone’s life, he turns it upside down.”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a Penis can’t become erect or maintain an erection (remain hard enough for penetrative sex). Stress and anxiety are common triggers for occasional ED for every man. Very few men will not have moments of ED. Anxiety with a new partner can be an isolated event, for example. But if it’s happening regularly, it may indicate an underlying health problem.

The medical reasons are varied and require a workup by a GP. Some common causes are below.

After identifying a cause, treatment is usually good. Lifestyle changes often are all that is required. Medications are available. These will help most men. More complex cases may require pumps, surgery or implants.

Erectile Dysfunction has a significant impact on a person with a Penis. ED can cause mental health issues and may require mental health support as part of the treatment.

Recent studies suggest that overconsumption of internet pornography contributes to ED. It is important to avoid internet pornography or use it in moderation when dealing with ED. In much the same way, overconsumption of alcohol is incompatible with treating ED.

ED Symptoms
  • difficulty keeping an erection during sex
  • loss of interest in sex
  • trouble getting an erection
ED Causes
  • alcohol
  • diabetes
  • drugs
  • enlarged prostate
  • high blood pressure
  • injury
  • medications
  • mental health
  • obesity
  • pornography addiction
  • prostate cancer
  • smoking

Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a Penis releases semen earlier than desired — usually defined as less than a minute of activity. Like ED, it has happened to most men at some point, but PE can be a problem if regularly interrupting sex and causing relationship issues.

There are treatment options, including medications, coping strategies and counselling.

Peyronie’s Disease (PD)

Peyronie’s Disease, “Peh-roan-ease”, occurs when scar tissue develops inside the Penis, causing it to bend or curve unusually. A slight to moderate curve is natural. But the scar/curve associated with Peyronie’s is usually profound.

Peyronie’s can result from a Penis injury (such as an injury during sex) or trauma that causes scar tissue, called a plaque, to build up. Classically, a plaque occurs on top of the Penis but can develop anywhere. Sometimes, however, there is no reason.

One of the main difficulties is the bend can make it challenging to have penetrative sex. Usually, the pain from the injury will subside, but the curve is permanent. Massage therapies and surgery can help. A slight curve may not require treatment.

Peyronie’s Symptoms
  • hard lumps or tissue inside the Penis
  • pain or discomfort with an erection
  • penis shrinkage or shortening
  • sharp bend or curve of the Penis (usually upwards)
Check it!

Any signs of difficulties with an erection are a cause for concern. While usually not severe, it can cause significant distress. Suffering in silence won’t help. Very rarely is ED permanent. Thus, speaking to a GP is almost certainly going to help.




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