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Monitoring and following government guidance can save lives; it is not just for her.

Coronavirus Wash Hands Soap Bottle


Sanitise your hands. It is simple, and we can protect people by simply washing hands.

Coronavirus Get Vaccinated Shot


We support the Scottish Governments vaccination programmes, encouraging Scottish men to step up and show the way.

Caroline Lucas

“Humanity’s inclination to be kind during the coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented, uplifting demonstration of solidarity.”


Novel Coronavirus formally called COVID-19, is part of a family of viruses that include the common cold and respiratory illnesses such as SARS. It affects the lungs and airways. For most people, it causes mild symptoms, while for others, it can be more severe and require hospital treatment.

Coronavirus was detected first in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019.

Coronavirus is very infectious, which means it transmits quickly. Coronavirus spreads in much the same way as the common cold or flu. Transmission is through respiratory droplets, such as from coughs and sneezes, which means the virus can pass rapidly from person to person.

Due to spreading through droplets, masks and hand washing are essential and effective. When an infectious person coughs, they disperse droplets into the atmosphere. When people get close (1-2 metres), masks block droplets spreading into each other’s respiratory systems. Likewise, if a person coughs into their hand, and droplets land on their hands, when they touch a shared place, such as a door handle, the virus can transmit – but not readily if washing hands and surfaces with a disinfectant.

Due to droplet transmission, we encourage men to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. A pleasant side effect is fewer colds, cases of flu and stomach bugs. Please listen to your wife; wash your hands frequently! It does stop you from getting and passing on Coronavirus.

Above all else, get vaccinated!


Coronavirus symptoms are distinct from the cold or flu:

  • a persistent, dry cough that is not usual for you
  • you will feel hot to touch with a high temperature
  • you will have a loss of taste or smell
Check it!

Should you develop shortness of breath, a sore throat, a blocked/runny nose, stomach discomfort or diarrhoea, self-isolate and take a test as soon as possible. In Scotland, you can get a test by simply visiting the NHS website at NHS inform.


Male Cancer, or any other condition, did not retreat when Novel Coronavirus turned up and has added an element of uncertainty for treatment of other issues.

Prostate, Testicle and Penile Cancers are high priority, and the NHS are adapting quickly. Telephone consultations and protocols to keep patients safe are a new reality.

Please contact your GP if you need to, as protocols are in place so that the chance of getting Coronavirus from consultations is low.

We ask all men who are medically fit to receive a vaccine to do so. It is the best tool to get our NHS resources back to other matters – and save lives.



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