Coronavirus For Men

Coronavirus For Men

Men are at higher risk not just of contraction but of dying from Coronavirus. Even with vaccinations which men have been great about getting, we need to take more caution and listen to our mothers, sisters and wives. Following rules is not as easy for men as for women in general.

However, the rules are not the sole reason it appears our immune systems are different from women’s. Women have two copies of the X chromosome (males have one Y and one X). Part of the immune system’s most essential genes resides on X, not Y; women have two copies of these crucial immune system genes while men have one. It also likely explains why women have more significant issues with autoimmune disease and why they respond better to vaccines.

As men, our behaviour is also less agile with combatting viruses. We are more likely to smoke (or smoke more), eat more salty and processed foods while eating less fruit and vegetables. And the elephant in the room is we drink more. It is not the best foundation we set for ourselves. So in this regard, we need to act when told we need to improve our lifestyles to deal with Coronavirus.

The simplest but most effective measure is to sanitise properly. Men are less likely to do so. If you have a mother, sister, wife, my bet is they are frequently telling you to: “wash your hands”. They are right! It works! Not just for Coronavirus but all viruses and bacterial diseases.


We are asking all men to do the following over and above the rules:

  • stop smoking (no safe levels)
  • control alcohol levels
  • improve hygiene
  • try to eat more fruit and vegetables
  • get vaccinated and boosted if not already done so