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“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”

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A simple collection with a mug of tea at your side can be every bit as rewarding as a marathon. Alone or with a partner, this can be very rewarding. But if you have the energy, have a look at our Sponsorship Page.

Collections are generally single day events within your community. Popular choices are supermarkets, community events, high streets and malls. Representing your community with people you have the most in common with creates better dialogue and thus better awareness.

A thank you letter will be returned to you and your host, by us, on your behalf.

We are more than happy to arrange a day for your event or download a template letter to create your own. If you successfully book a date, please put it in the form below and select already arranged. Else choose arrange event for me.

We will ship a collection pack for use in events run for us.

“Ultimately, Fundraising is how we support men in Scotland."

You can also use the form below to arrange a booking.
Collection Pack

Each pack will contain:

  • brochures
  • event poster
  • t-shirt
  • id badge
  • recyclable collection boxes
  • instructions bank a collection
  • contactless machines are available on request
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On your collecting day, you’ll meet members of your community. You’ll find out Male Health anxieties are not uncommon, and the impact you can have by handing out leaflets, encouraging GP visits and accepting donations is significant. You’ll find lots of people willing to interact and praise your efforts. It truly does bring out the best in us when we help others. And if asked, “does my donation stay in Scotland”, well you can confidently say – YES!


If you would like a free pack, please fill in the form below. Please note we only ship to addresses in Scotland.

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What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

What's underneath a Scotsman's kilt?

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